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10 DIY Halloween Decorations

Dou you really want to freak out your friends and neighbors out this Halloween but you’re not really sure how? Then take a look at the scariest 10 DIY Halloween decorations which will turn your house into a haunted mansion!

All the designs are easy to build if you procure the necessary materials and if you follow the instructions carefully. We will include references to both in our list.

10. DIY Spooky Silhouette with Background Lights

DIY Garage Silhouettes

Create a spooky garage with these silhouettes.


Turn your garage door into a portal to a world of horror by building a spooky silhouette setting, which can include anything from witches, to zombies, ghosts, demons or ghouls. While not truly grotesque, especially given just how used kids are to all kinds of Halloween imagery these days, it will still give your house a creepy look and will serve as a great Halloween party setting. Check out the complete assembly guide.

You need:

9. DIY Jars of Glowing Spirits

DIY Spirit Lamps

A rewarding DIY Hallowen Decoration!


These DIY Halloween Decorations will serve as great spooky-ness enhancers on a Halloween night, especially if you turn off the lights around the house. However, they are not exactly easy to build and will require some basic knowledge of electronics and circuits. Nevertheless, the final effect will look great and they can also be used later on as night lights. Read the complete how-to guide here.

Key Materials:

8.DIY Eyeball Assortment

DIY Eyeballs

Not something you would like to find on the table instead of apples!


This DIY Halloween Decoration will definitely give your guests a jump scare. Fake grotesque eyes are very easy to craft and are great for adding a little gore to your Halloween theme. Besides being placed in unexpected locations to freak out other people, they can also be used for a number of more elaborate pranks. To build your fake eyeballs properly, make sure you read the complete guide.

You need:

7.DIY Jack O’ Lantern

Jack O Lantern

The Symbol of Halloween!


The most iconic Halloween decoration, the Jack O’ Lantern is simply a must-have item for anyone interested in Halloween. There are many ways to carve a Jack O’ Lantern, and it is really up to you to decide just how scary your design will be. A scarier version is the black pumpkin, whose complete preparation instruction you can find right here.

You Need:

  • Pumpkin
  • Black Paint
  • Carving Knife

6. DIY Zombie Pit

DIY Backyard Zombie Pit

Let your friends discover your little backyard surprise!


This is where things start to get really scary. The DIY Zombie Pit is a great scary prop to have in your backyard, and it might actually succeed in scaring even dour-hearted guests. The horror and anguish associated with a pit full of zombies are well ingrained into popular culture across the US, thus making this DIY idea a good way in which to genuinely freak people out. Make sure to check out the complete assembly guide.

You need:

  • Severed Hands (fake ones, obviously)
  • Wood Pallets & Scrap Boards
  • Old Padlock
  • Chain
  • Paint

5.DIY Shrunken Head

DIY Shrunken Head Prop

Put random Tribal Trophies around the house to freak out everyone.


Of all DIY Halloween Decorations, it is certainly the most bizarre. The shrunken head is an unsettling reminder that some Amazonian tribes actually used to make real ones and display them as war trophies. This knowledge alone will make a lot of people feel extremely uncomfortable. Even ignoring this fact, the pure hideousness of such an item making an appearance in your mom’s fruit bowl will surely generate a considerable degree of shock and disgust, more than enough for a proper Halloween! Read all about how to make the Shrunken Head here.

4.DIY Giant Spider

DIY Giant Spider

Exploit Arachnophobia with a DIY Giant Spider!


Mercilessly exploit people’s arachnophobia by making a DIY giant spider to adorn your backyard. Building it is easier than it seems, with wire mesh and duct tape serving as your primary materials. Once finished, there are endless options for placing the giant spider in order to terrorize everyone. Whether it’s a front porch ambush or a Shelob – style staircase chase, your DIY Spider will surely instate a reign of terror in the house.

You need:


3.DIY Horror House

DIY Horror house

At night, your house will look like a den of evil with this DIY decoration!


If you’ve seen the Amityville Horror, you’ll understand just how spooky a DIY house can become. The idea that the house itself is a malevolent entity waiting to devour its unsuspecting residents is very old, and yet still holds a prime spot in American culture. Speculate this deep-seated fear by adorning the façade of your house with eyes and other facial features, as suitable for your house’s design. Read more about how you can achieve this here.


  • Cart board
  • Printer
  • Paint


2.DIY Spooky Eyes

DIY Spooky Fake Eyes

Seeing this in the dark will unsettle anyone!


People have an innate fear of the dark and, implicitly, of anything which might be lurking in the shadows in the late watches of the night. Take advantage of this by assembling glowing evil eyes in your backyard, or in carefully chosen places around the house. Simple but stunningly efficient, these DIY Halloween decorations will unsettle even the most courageous! Discover how to make realistic spooky glowing eyes!

You need:

  • LED Lights
  • Plastic Plates
  • Batteries
  • Paperclips
  • Glue Gun

1. DIY Bathroom Murder Scene

DIY Halloween Fake Murder Scene

Bloody Terror in Your Bathroom!


The ultimate Halloween decoration, this will surely take unsuspecting victims by surprise and will instill sheer shock and terror into any visitors using the bathroom. Timing, surprise, and preparation are crucial, so make sure you have the means of secretly preparing the bloody bathtub curtain, and also the right place to conceal it. Importantly, you should also think about logistics and replacement speed, so as to limit the time in which you could be caught in the act. Read everything you need to know about preparing the DIY Bathroom Murder Scene.

You need:

  • Bath Curtain (non-reusable)
  • Red Paint
  • Handshape (cardboard/plastic)

DIY Halloween Decorations – Bottom Line

Whether inoffensive props, a huge spider or a bloody bathroom, DIY Halloween decorations can be easily built, at little cost, and will give your family and friends a good chance to have lots of fun. To complete your Halloween preparations, make sure you also check out some great Halloween Costumes!