Summer Playset: Ten DIY Swing Set Ideas For Children of Any Age

Summer Playset: Ten DIY Swing Set Ideas For Children of Any Age


Why spend so much money on a swing set when you could make on your own?

It may seem like a daunting task, but there are so many different options and skill levels to choose from. No matter how comfortable you are with a hammer, we have a DIY swing set option for you. There will also be a variety of designs, aesthetics, sizes, and types of swings to choose from.

Our Top 10 Favorite DIY Swing Set Ideas

Here are our top ten favorite DIY swing set ideas, listed in no particular order. Pick your favorite, or your kid’s favorite, and let’s get to work!

1. The Clubhouse Swing Set

swing set

First on the list is the Clubhouse Swing Set. This is a fairly standard design and is very popular among parents and children.

This DIY swing set includes a roomy, adorable clubhouse for your kids to play in, with a swing set branching off the side and a slide on the other end of it. There is something in this set for everyone, and the kids will be able to enjoy it for years.

The difficulty level for this design is intermediate. If you are a beginner when it comes to woodworking projects, you may need someone more experienced to assist you.


2. The Ultimate DIY Swing Set

ultimate swing

Next up we have the Ultimate DIY Swing Set.

 This design includes a sand pit, rope climbing area, a full swing set, and a little clubhouse. This DIY swing set truly has it all.

The instructions are fairly simple and easy to follow as well, a beginner could easily make this product. You will need to set aside an entire weekend to put it together though. There are many intricate details that can’t be overlooked.

3. The Simple Wood Swing Set

Simple wood swing

Want something a little simpler when it comes to the design and work? This wood swing set is very basic and will fit even in a smaller backyard. It doesn’t include any extras like a slide or clubhouse, but it will give your children two sturdy, fun swings to use.

The simplicity of this design is not boring, however. We recommend painting the beams a bright color to make your swing set stand out.

This DIY swing set is perfect for a beginner who doesn’t want anything to elaborate.

4. The A-Frame Modern Swing Set

a frame swing

Want a design that is slightly more modern? The A Frame Modern Swing Set will be a perfect match for you.

This design is a wonderfully unique way to showcase your swings and it will definitely add a certain flair to your backyard. You can also paint the frame any color you would like for some additional pizzazz.

We would say that a beginner might be able to handle this swing set, but that it is more likely at an intermediate level.


5. The Rock Wall Swing Set

rock wall

If your kids want to scale mountains one day, why not give them a rock wall to practice on? This swing set includes a clubhouse to hang out in, a full swing set, and a huge rock climbing wall that your kids will absolutely love.

Keep in mind, this particular design is much more advanced than a lot of the options on our list, so if you are a beginner you may want to have assistance.

This project will take you about two days. And those two days will yield years and years of fun for your children.


6. The DIY Tree Swing Set

swing tree

Perhaps you don’t want a fully man-made structure in your yard, but your kids still want swings to play on. A tree swing set may be just the thing.

This design is perfect for beginners, as you only have to install the swings. There is no additional building of slides and playhouses to make the process more difficult for you.

The key here is to make sure you choose a tree (and a branch on said tree) that can really handle enough weight for a swing and whoever is on the swing. Make sure that is a huge part of your preparation process before taking on this project.


7. The Electric Swing Set

electric swing

If you are looking for something that virtually no one else has, this electric swing set may be the perfect option for you. This structure actually generates its own electricity, and you would be able to plug devices into it as you needed to.

This is definitely not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other DIY swing sets that we have looked at, but it offers a lot as far as convenience, innovation, and uniqueness is concerned. You will definitely be asked questions about it by guests and neighbors, as it is not a very common way to build a swing set.

That being said, it is only at an intermediate to advanced level. Because you are dealing with electricity on top of the actually building aspect of the swing set, you should be very careful taking this project on.

8. The Solar Powered Swing Set

solar powered swing

Another innovative idea that may be a better fit if you didn’t like the electric swing set is having one that is solar powered. This design is extremely energy friendly and green, as well as being incredibly convenient and unique.

A common question that is asked about this swing set is will the solar power actually make the swing run? No, the solar panel is collecting energy that can be used elsewhere, but it is not actually powering anything on this DIY swing set.

Switching over to solar power is a really great goal, but it can seem difficult. With this swing set, it will boost that switch from regular electricity to solar.

This design is at an intermediate level, as it is a rather intricate plan. 

9. The Tire Swing Set

If you want something a little less flimsy as far as swing seats are concerned, why not use tires?

This DIY swing set is pretty basic as far as the structure is concerned. You still have a playhouse, slide, and sandpit for the kids, the actual swing portion is just made of tires. It is a great way to recycle and provide a sturdy seat for your younger children who want to swing.

The design is simple as well. Whether you are an expert woodworker or a beginner, this project should be relatively simple for you.

10. The Mega Outdoor Jungle Gym

mega outdoor jungle

Last but certainly not least, we have the mega outdoor jungle gym. This DIY swing set is for those of you who have a lot of space in your yard, and a lot of kids who are going to be using it. 

This design is very elaborate, and is definitely at an intermediate/advanced level for the build.

The swing set includes space for three big swings, a full set of monkey bars, and a very high, steep slide. It will definitely take up some serious room, so we only recommend this for those that have more than an acre of yard to work with.

We especially like this design because it is the only one on our list with a full set of monkey bars, which are a childhood favorite.

If you are more experienced with building structures like this, you can even modify it to your liking. If you would prefer a playhouse over a set of monkey bars, you can easily change up the plan for this design.

Time to Get Building

We hope that you enjoyed our list of our ten favorite DIY swing set ideas, and that you found a design that you and your family loved. Whether you’re a novice or an expert at making swing sets, there is an option here for you.

It can be difficult to know where to get started, so having a list of such diverse options is definitely the way to go to find what you want for your backyard. Make sure to consider your price range, the size of your yard, the aspects your kids want, and the aesthetics that you want before choosing a design from the list.

Which design out of our 10 did you like the most? Is there one you would be most likely to make yourself?

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