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10 DIY Room Divider Easy Projects

Owning a house does not necessarily make it a home. It is all about the feelings you experience while brewing a cup of coffee or watching TV after a long day at work that makes the difference. As a result, this article is about the most creative DIY room divider ideas that can help you redefine space. Therefore, you can use these awesome examples to personalize your home and use every inch of the room at the same time.

1. Curtain Box Room Divider

diy room divider


This is a great example of DIY room divider for large spaces. So, if you live in a roomy studio, you may consider this awesome curtain box design to separate two sections of the apartment. You can choose to build this around your bed. As a result, privacy will come in style and it also resembles a canopy bed. Moreover, depending on the model of curtains you choose, the room can gain an oriental, modern or rustic look. Furthermore, it is fairly easy to build. All you have to do is select the curtains and hang them from the ceiling so they fall around the space you choose to enclose.

2. Japanese Screen Panels

asian room divider


If you are into the Asian culture, this DIY room divider idea is what you were looking for. Japanese have a reputation for these sliding panels all around the world. Now, you will be able to build this simple and inexpensive room divider for yourself. There are few materials involved and it is also very easy to make, so you won`t have a problem with this. When you’re done you can relax in an Asian style comfy space.

3. Bottles Room Divider

diy room divider


If you own a pub, this will surely be a nice addition to it. Also, it works just fine if you live in a studio apartment and are looking for unique ornamentation. You can think of it as an awesome green alternative for decorating. Furthermore, you can use bottles of all sizes and shapes. You can hang them from strings attached to the ceiling. Also, you can glue them to rods coming out from the floor. Either clear plain bottles or colored ones do the job perfectly. Whatever you decide to do, this creative room divider idea will look great in the end.

4. DIY Vinyl Records Room Divider

diy project of room divider


This is a great way for music enthusiasts to decorate their homes. This tutorial will help you create a vintage DIY room divider that will add a bit of personality to the room and is also great for the environment. Even though you may not own vinyl records, you can find them for sale at great prices. All you need next is some string and you’re all set. You can hang the string from the ceiling, apply the vinyl records and it’s done! It will take you just a few hours to make and will certainly liven up the place.

5. Wooden Crates DIY Room Divider

diy crates room divider


If you’re going for a rustic setting, this is one of the best DIY room divider ideas for you. Wooden boxes are generally used for depositing all sorts of things, right? If that is the case then you can easily use them in your house to store your TV for example. You may ask yourself how could it be possible. Well, if you take several boxes and place them one on top of the other you get a nice wooden bookcase. Furthermore, you can paint it however you like, if you`re looking to add a little bit of color to the room. This is a great idea for a DIY room divider that also doubles as an inexpensive bookcase.

6. Wooden Pallets Room Divider

pallet room divider


This DIY room divider idea can be used both for small spaces as well as for larger ones. Whatever the case, it is a very easy project to work on. You just need a few wooden pallets and some nails to hold them together. The hardest part is to decide where exactly you want this room divider in the room. You can either use rugged wooden panels, that carry their own personality or go for brand new ones. However, this particular aspect is entirely up to you. Another way to hip up decoration in a room is adding a DIY barn door.

7. Slim Bookshelf DIY Room Divider

diy room divider bookshelf


If you have some time to spare and wish to take on a challenge this is the way to go. You can create your own personalized room divider that doubles as a bookshelf. All you need are just some pieces of lumber and nails. If you want to make it mobile, wheels are optional. Although it is not too complicated, you will spend some time building this, depending on the size. If you are a great artist, you can use the blank space on the back for drawing. Also, this will give you the possibility to switch between the two sides and is great in terms of diversity.

8. Classic DIY Folding Screen Room Divider

folding screen


This idea of a cheap DIY room divider screen is great for any space. First of all, depending on the number of panels, you need to build the wooden frames. If you want to go for a folding room divider, make sure to buy some hinges. After the frames are done, you must decide what materials you want to use for the panels themselves. You can go with either fabric or solid ones, whatever pleases you most. Also, if you want to move it around you should consider buying some wheels. It is easy to make, light to move around, fully customizable and a nice homemade addition to your room.

9. DIY Rope Wall

rope wall


If you are short on space, this is one of the best DIY room dividers out there. All you need are some pieces of rope and wooden blocks. First of all, you need to drill some holes in the wooden blocks. Then, you get the pieces of rope through the holes and you are almost done. All that remains is to secure both wooden blocks. Consequently, you will place one on the ceiling and another on the floor. To make sure everything stays in place, use a power drill and bolt them down. Now, you have a stylish room divider and a very clever use of space.

10. Sliding Doors DIY Room Divider

diy sliding doors


This is a very easy to make and by far the most widespread room divider out there. You only need a sliding door track and door rollers as well as guides. For the screen itself, anything solid will do. It all comes down to your personal taste. As for tools, a power drill and a screwdriver are enough to complete the task at hand. In terms of time spent, it should not take you more than a few hours. Even though you can build it all by yourself, if you have someone to help you, it will go much faster.


Room dividers are a great way to make use of all the space in your house. If you like challenges, you can get creative and use these DIY room divider ideas in order to add a little bit of personality to your home. It will come in cheap and will grant you great satisfaction in the end.