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9 DIY Room Decor Ideas

Decorating a room is about more than just making it look good – it’s also about making it your own. What better way to create a space that’s personal, comfortable and unique than to use DIY room decor? It’s not only a great way to reflect your individual personality but is often much more affordable than store-bought decor. If you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect piece to tie a room together, you may just find your inspiration in this list.

1. DIY Marquee Lights

wooden hey sign on the wall


These gorgeous lights are great for a party or just adding a little pizzazz to any room. One of the best parts of making your own is that they can spell out any words you like! They’re also functional, combining elegance and usefulness in a way that is infinitely customizable! Once you see how easy they are to make, you’ll want one for every room.

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 20-30 minutes per light

Materials Needed:

– Cardboard letters
– Craft blade
– Pencil
– Screwdriver
– Globe lights on string

2. DIY Palm Leaf Art

This is a very simple DIY project, but it adds a lot of flair to any wall it adorns. Depending on the frame you choose, it can fit just about any theme, from minimalist to cottage chic. Because there are only two materials used, be sure to find the prettiest palm leaf you can find. You can even take the idea further by using several smaller leaves instead of one big one. The folding looks complex, but the technique couldn’t be more beginner-friendly!

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 15 minutes

Materials Needed:

– Palm Leaf
– Frame

3. DIY Poster Hanger

Using thumbtacks to hang posters on walls may have worked in your teenage bedroom. For a grown-up home, thumbtacks or tape just don’t cut it. Once you see how quick, cheap and gorgeous this DIY room decor idea is, you’ll be digging all your old posters out of storage. Want something a little smaller? You can scale this hanger up or down depending on the size of your print or photograph. It might take a while for the paint to dry, but you’ll soon enjoy the fruits of this DIY project.

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3-4 hours

Materials Needed:

– 4 wood strips, cut to size
– Wood stain or paint
– Rags or paintbrush
– ¾” wood screws
– 2 small eye screws
– Poster or print of choice

4. DIY Wood Gemstone Garland

This is a very whimsical DIY room decor that would be great in a child’s room, or as a playful touch strung across a blank living room wall. They’re made from balsa wood, meaning they’re lightweight but durable. One of the best parts of this DIY project is how customizable it is. You can use many different colors of paint, or stick to a monochrome palette. Even the choice of string can change the look entirely. Find out how to get these professional-looking results here.

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 hour

Materials Needed:

– Balsa wood
– Gemstone template
– Craft blade
– Glue gun
– Paint
– Paint brush
– Cord or string

5. DIY Painted Rug

There’s nothing that can tie a room together better than a perfect area rug. Unfortunately, the rugs that look the best also seem to cost the most! Now, you can make a rug that matches your couch upholstery, or a brand new design that suits your existing decor. Use the template provided in this DIY room decor tutorial, or make your own!

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 1 day/night

Materials Needed:

– Rug of choice
– Fabric paint
– Paintbrushes
– Template
– Cardboard
– Marker
– Measuring tape
– Scissors

6. DIY Hanging Rope Shelf

No matter what your color scheme is, you can make a matching hanging rope shelf. It has a much more updated look than traditionally mounted shelves, and can be made rustic with rough rope, or sophisticated with silk cord. As stylish as it is functional, this DIY room decor idea would look great in a group of varying sizes at different heights. Take a look at how easy this project is and you’ll want to make a bunch.

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 1 hour

Materials Needed:

– Length of wood
– Drill
– 2 pieces of rope or cord
– 2 large hook screws

7. DIY Marbled Vase

Achieving this classy marbled effect looks hard, but it’s actually surprisingly easy! If you can’t find white vases and don’t want to use spray paint, the effect is also quite striking on clear glass. This is also a great idea for covering up stains or scuff marks, and can be used on much more than vases. See how much you can accomplish with a little nail polish and a fairly simple technique.

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2 hours

Materials Needed:

– Vase
– White spray paint
– Bucket
– Water
– Nail polish

8. DIY Scrabble Tile Art

This is another incredibly customizable DIY room decor project. Whether you’re a fan of the game or just a devoted wordsmith, these giant Scrabble tiles can spell out anything you fancy, labeling a room or shouting a greeting to anyone who enters your domain. The best part? This tutorial shows you how to transfer a printout onto wood, a technique useful for many other projects.

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 1 hour per tile

Materials Needed:

– Wood squares
– Printed letters
– Pencil
– Black acrylic paint
– Thin paintbrush
– Picture hanging hardware

9. DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

Not all wall art has to be a print in a hard-edged frame. For a softer, more tactile effect, try making this tasseled wall hanging. It has a slightly retro effect, reminiscent of 70s-era macramé, but when made in sleek black or a fun combination of colors, has a much more modern feel. You can purchase ready-made tassels, or follow the instructions to make your own.

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2-3 hours

Materials Needed:

– Wooden dowel
– Wooden beads
– Black acrylic paint
– Foam brush
– Bamboo skewers
– Washi tape
– Hard cover notebook
– Yarn
– Super glue
– Scissors

Turning your house into the space you can call all your own is easy. For even more ideas, check out how you can create personalized mason jars for your bedroom. These DIY home decor projects are simple to customize so you can achieve any effect you want because your home should reflect your individuality. What’s your favorite DIY project? If you have any tips or suggestions for fun DIY room decor, share them in the comments!