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10 DIY Bars

With summer in full swing, there’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a cold drink while sitting at your very own bar. Ordering a custom build can take months and cost thousands of dollars. However, with a little planning and some basic DIY skills, you can build your own bar and save that money to throw a backyard bash for all your friends. Check out these DIY bar tutorials for inspiration to transform your home into a summer party hotspot.

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1. DIY Glam Mini Bar

Repurposing furniture you already have into a bar is a great way to give new life to old stuff. A minibar out of a bookcase is both pretty and practical since the shelves are a perfect place to hold cocktail supplies, glassware, and bottles. This tutorial shows how to transform a small bookcase into a portable bar in just a few minutes.

Level of difficulty: Very easy
Duration: 15 minutes
Materials You Need:


2. DIY Outdoor Bar

This bar combines farmhouse glam with garden party playfulness and would be perfect for serving at an outdoor wedding or baby shower. Position it anywhere to be the center of attention, then simply roll it out of the way when the weather is bad. Built out of wooden crates, the bar doubles as storage and display for attractive party supplies and can be styled for any occasion. There are no saws or complicated tools needed, so anyone who can use a drill can put this bar together in a weekend, including the time to let the paint dry.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 4 hours
Materials You Need: 


3. DIY Pallet Bar

Pallet furniture is a hot trend these days, and a bar is a perfect place to use this reclaimed wood as it can stand up to indoor or outdoor uses. The hardest part of this project is disassembling the pallets into usable pieces, but the tutorial walks you through the fastest and safest ways to get your lumber ready. If you’re looking for a no-frills, reclaimed look to your DIY bar, this project is for you.

Level of difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 4 hours
Materials You Need: 


4. DIY Epoxy Bar Topper

Another great way to repurpose old furniture into a bar is to make the countertop new. A beat-up bar or bookcase can become a classy countertop with some decorative rocks and a little clear epoxy. Look for a sturdy base piece and if needed, build a slight lip around the edge to hold the epoxy. This technique is messy, so make sure you have access to a well-ventilated space like a garage for the project.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3-4 days
Materials You Need: 


5. DIY Bottle Cap Bar Top

A fun way to dress up a counter for more beginner DIY bar makers is a bottle cap bar. Show off your eclectic taste in drinks or use the caps as a menu to show what guests can expect to drink for the evening. Start by building a simple bookcase bar by attaching the shadowbox as your counter, then follow this technique to secure and seal your collection into an attractive and durable bar counter.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3 days
Materials You Need: 


6. DIY Wine Barrel Bar

A DIY bar doesn’t have to be all about beer! This shabby chic bar shows off dramatic wine barrels, but could also feature whiskey, bourbon or any other distilled cask of your choice. Getting the barrels is going to be the hardest part of the project. From there, you’re just building a simple box counter out of wood that’s easy to work with. If you can use a staple gun, you can make this bar.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 hour
Materials You Need: 


7. DIY Pretty Pallet Bar

DIY pallet bars don’t have to look rough. This tutorial starts by building a simple pallet bar from cheap or free reclaimed wood but then elevates it with some simple touches that are far from rustic. Using garden patio stones for the counter makes this bar sturdy for outdoor use, but also lets you tie in design elements from your garden or home exterior to help the bar look right at home.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2 hours
Materials You Need: 


8. DIY Bar Cart

Not everyone can accommodate a long bar. A compact, rolling bar cart might better suit your needs. This bar is small but mighty, built out of a single lumber plank, and designed to maximize functional storage and portability and easy to customize with paint, stain, and accessories. This is a true carpentry project, but the instructions are clear, and the cost is low. This is the perfect project for someone who has mastered basic tool use and is ready to take on a small, but intensive project.

Level of difficulty: Hard
Duration: 4 hours
Materials You Need: 


9. DIY Concrete Counter Bar

The modern look of smooth concrete counters is both trendy and possible for DIY builders to achieve. This bar starts with a simple wooden base that can be built with basic carpentry skills in a weekend. The removable concrete counter is poured into a frame that can accommodate a removable bucket sink, but if it’s your first time working with concrete, you could also just pour a simple rectangle shape. Pick a weekend with dry weather for this project as concrete is messy and needs a few days to dry.

Level of difficulty: Very hard
Duration: 1 week
Materials You Need: 


10. DIY Wooden Bar

Most people can’t take on a complex carpentry project just to build a bar, but if you enjoy woodworking and have access to the tools, this deluxe project might be the challenge for you. Working from scratch and following these steps lets you customize your bar for oddly shaped spaces, or to match the design and styling of your home. While the tutorial shows an ornate style in the finished product, you can frame out your bar with craftsman or modern details to suit your taste.

Level of difficulty: Very hard
Duration: 6 hours
Materials You Need: 

  • Lumber
  • Circular saw
  • Table saw
  • Kreg jig
  • Electric drill
  • Screws
  • Wood Glue
  • Clamps



Building a bar doesn’t have to break the bank or take all summer. These DIY bar ideas show options for any skill level and can be modified to fit in anyone’s backyard or basement. Get started building your bar and you can be enjoying drinks with your friends in style. Have you tried building a DIY bar? Let us know how it went, and what project you’ll take on next!

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