South Carolina native Kathy Hardess is a freelance interior designer, as well as an avid promoter of healthy living. From DIY balcony renovation projects to unique and delicious recipes, she knows it all. You name it, Kathy probably wrote about it on DIYFormula, or plans on doing so very soon.

Kathy Hardess studied Mass Communications and Advertising at the University of South Carolina to have a career safety net, but she always knew interior design was her one true love. One year after getting her BA, she decided to pursue her dream to the fullest extent, so she enrolled in an Interior Design and Decoration course at the International Career Institute.

Leaving her home state for California was hard for Kathy, a born and bred Southern belle with a passion for combining Old World elements with eclectic modern touches. Nonetheless, obtaining her Advanced Diploma in Interior Design was worth the sacrifice. And she didn’t stop there.

Among others, Kathy obtained her How-To Design Certificate after completing a one-week course at the Academy of Interior Design. She finalized several other private workshops before returning to her hometown and investing in her own house, which she proudly affirms to having decorated herself.

Currently, you can find Kathy freelancing and blogging about her activities whenever she finds the time for it.

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