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DIY Personalized T-Shirt Quilt in 5 Easy Steps

A T-shirt quilt acts as an awesome blanket if you need to warm yourself up. It can also be framed and kept as an heirloom, its awesomeness doesn’t go away. Involved in the process of making one from scratch is a series of factors, that will be presented to you in this 6 easy steps DIY article. Even if you’re not so much into sewing you will manage to get it done and possibly impress your friends or family with this newly acquired skill.

1. Materials

materials used for quilt


The quality of the quilt is in close connection with the supplies you intend to use. Also, the size of the quilt is an important factor you need to take into account. For a king sized quilt, for example, you need roughly 30 T-shirts. Next up on the list is fleece or a non-woven fusible interface. You will use this as support because you need something to sew the T-shirts on. Iron and ironing board are a must to eliminate all wrinkles and to ease your job. It is important to know how to use a sewing machine so everything runs smoothly. You can use a high variety of colored thread if you want to fully customize it as you please. In fact, this is highly recommended, just to add a bit of character to your T-shirt quilt.

Last but not least, you need a square ruler to check the accuracy of the quilt blocks. With all of this being said, don’t forget about pins. They play a key role in holding your T-shirts in place and you can never have enough.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Duration: Few hours

Materials You Need:

2. Choosing the Size of the T-shirt Quilt

DIY T-shirt Quilt

After you secure all of the materials, you must also have an action plan ready, as well. You need to think of how big your quilt is going to be and how many T-shirts you can fit in. There is a variety of sizes you can go with. However, you must pick the one that best fits your needs. There is another element that plays a part in the size of the T-shirt quilt.

Now that you have the raw materials and the action plan is in place you can proceed to select the T-shirts you want in your quilt. Check your closet for anything you don’t wear anymore and wish to commit to eternity through this awesome project. Also, if there are any T-shirts in your collection that you need to wash, go ahead and throw them in the washing machine.

3. Cutting the T-Shirts

It is important to choose representative sections for your upcoming quilt. Consequently, determine what part of the T-shirt you want in the quilt and trace a perimeter around it. Also, be very careful when selecting the T-shirts, because there is no going back. If you have any doubts it is better not to cut it right away. You can place two T-shirts together and see it fits the design. Then, you can add more and see how the whole T-shirt quilt turns out. If everything goes as planned, it is safe to start cutting out.

Depending on the imprints on the T-shirts and the style of your future T-shirt quilt, you can now get a little bit wild. You can cut out same size panels or you can choose to go with different sized ones, just for the fun of it. Also, don’t forget to leave half an inch of seam allowance all around. Pay attention to the fact that some T-shirts may have transfers that can melt. At this point, it is safe to test the integrity of the print and decide whether you are going to use a certain T-shirt or not. Once this is over with, you can go ahead and cut out the T-shirt.

4. Secure the T-Shirts

t-shirt quilt

If you’re using fleece as a support, you should use pins to secure the shirt blocks. This is what that seam allowance is for. Next, you need to carefully select the thread and you should take into account thickness and color. You can also use multiple different color threads to personalize as much as possible. After you do this, you can proceed to sew your T-shirts to the fleece and you’re all done. Be careful when you sew around the pins to don’t sting yourself.

However, if you choose to go with the non-woven fusible interfacing, there is no need to use pins. You can stabilize the T-shirt panels by ironing them over the interfacing. This ensures that the T-shirts don`t stretch or sag during construction.

5. Sewing the Quilt

DIY T-shirt quilt

After everything is in place, you can go ahead and start sewing. At this stage, you are almost done creating the T-shirt quilt. If you don`t know how to operate a sewing machine, it is recommended you ask for help. You can use different colored thread to add a little bit of personality. Also, you can use random pieces of material and insert them in between the T-shirt panels. This will make for a unique T-shirt quilt. However, try not to overdo it.


In conclusion, making a T-shirt quilt might take you some time. However, this also depends on a series of factors, such as skill, size or time. If you find yourself staying around the house all day, this might be the perfect idea to pass some time and also get something in return. If you are interested in more T-shirt projects, you can also try your hands at some screen printing. Have you ever made a T-shirt quilt? Let us know how that went in a comment below!


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