101 Home And Family DIY Activities That Everyone Will Love

101 Home And Family DIY Activities That Everyone Will Love

Doing things together as a family is a great way to bring everyone closer. We are all attached to our favorite devices during our down time from work or school. It can be difficult to get your entire family in the same room at times and encouraging everyone to do a fun activity together can be nearly impossible. Plus, there is your budget to consider, and how time-consuming the event may be.

Fortunately, there are many great ideas for Home and Family DIY projects available online for you to consider. You can discover new hobbies, arts and crafts ideas, or get inspired to take on something new, in a fun and affordable manner.

It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to entertain your family, no matter how large or small you may be. There are many Home and Family DIY projects that you can do that cost very little or nothing at all.

Take a look at our recommendations for the top 101 Home and Family DIY Activities that Everyone will Love and get inspired to experiment with something new.

The Benefits of Home and Family DIY Projects 

Do-it-Yourself projects have become very popular in the past few years as families want to find more ways to do fun things together. With so many high tech gadgets around, it can be difficult to lure kids away from their devices to try something new with their family. They may be bored with the idea and therefore parents have to find something interesting to convince them to participate.

Here are a few benefits associated with home and family DIY projects to encourage your family to give them a try.


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Most DIY projects require us to be creative, learn a new craft, or help make education fun. Everything from coloring to learning how to crochet to doing a fun science project in the kitchen can be a family friendly DIY project that are beneficial to your brain.

Anytime we learn a new skill, we are exercising our brain and gaining additional knowledge that will keep us moving forward to bigger and better DIY projects.


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Did you know that DIY projects can also benefit the body? Putting together a craft project will get you up and moving. You can try riding a bike, exercising as a family, learn yoga, have a family field day, all of these are great examples of Home and Family DIY that will give you a great workout and allow you to make long-lasting memories at the same time.


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DIY projects are a great way to meet new people who share the same interests. You may want to join a scrapbooking group in your area or plan a neighborhood get together where kids can play a variety of games outdoors. Finding an interest that allows you to show off your creative side is a great way for you to step out of your comfort zone and meet some amazing new people.


  1. Hold a family cooking competition. Make it as simple or complex as you can by giving each member of the family a list of ingredients and challenge them to make a special dish. For more fun, film the competition.
  2. Take some time to catch up. If you don’t sit down and talk as a family much these days, set aside an hour or two to do just that.
  3. Try some indoor camping by turning off all the lights, lighting some candles and maybe cook outdoors using a grill or bonfire.
  4. Visit a local historical monument that is open to the public. Share what you know about the monument with your kids.
  5. Use washable markers or dry-erase markers to decorate a window or glass door inside your home. The mess cleans up easily and it’s a fun way for preschoolers to write on the walls without getting into trouble.
  6. Begin a spare change jar for the entire family to deposit money into. When its full, you can come up with a fun activity to spend the money on that everyone will enjoy such as movie night or buying a new board game.
  7. Take your family dinner outside to the backyard and enjoy a family picnic under the stars.
  8. Create a funny story by coming up with the beginning and let each member of the family add a few lines. You can continue the story as long as you want.
  9. Start a family game night. If you haven’t played any board games in a while, pick out a few as a family that everyone can participate in.
  10. Visit a state park and have a campfire, roast marshmallows, play horseshoes or take a walk through one of their trails.
  11. Plant a garden together, whether its vegetables or seasonal flowers and let the little ones help with digging, planting the seeds, and keeping them watered each day.
  12. Wake up early one morning and take the family to watch the sunrise at a local park or beach.
  13. Use sidewalk chalk and draw a mural in the driveway as a family.
  14. Clean out your closets and garage and host a yard sale.
  15. Write letters and put together care packages for soldiers who are stationed overseas. This doesn’t have to only be done during the holiday season.
  16. Create a family cookbook by compiling all your favorite recipes.
  17. Buy water guns or water balloons for the entire family and have fun outdoors on a hot summer day.
  18. Create a fairy jar or time-out/sensory jar using old mason jars and glitter.
  19. Cover your deck with a painter’s plastic drop cloth and give the little one’s poster board and finger paints so that they can be as creative as they want without making a mess.
  20. Make homemade slime.
  21. Try cooking a new recipe together. Let each member of the family choose a new recipe from a cookbook to try for several days of cooking fun.
  22. Watch a classic black and white movie.
  23. Visit a local flea market and browse through antiques and vintage items.
  24. Create homemade popsicles using Kool-Aid or your child’s favorite juice and a popsicle set.
  25. Purchase items to wash the family car or van and let everyone get in on the fun. You get to create memories and cool off from the summer heat and enjoy a sparkling clean vehicle at the same time.
  26. Start a family scrapbook or help your kids create their own.
  27. Visit your local library and get everyone to choose a book or two to take home and enjoy. You can also find out about special reading events held during the summer.
  28. Print out coloring pages and gather all your art supplies to show off your creativity.
  29. Create a custom t-shirt using a clean white shirt and fabric paint.
  30. Or create Tie-Dyed t-shirts for the entire family.
  31. Plan a Backyard Summer Luau with Hawaiian-inspired dishes and fun decorations
  32. Create a fairy garden with a flower pot, river rocks and small doll house decorations.
  33. Learn about your roots by creating a family tree and researching your ancestors online.
  34. Make fun paper crafts such as finger puppets, origami and creative masks.
  35. Create an indoor Skee Ball game using laundry baskets, plastic balls and a cardboard ramp. The tutorial can be found here.
  36. Create magic crystal names using pipe cleaners placed in a jar of borax mixture overnight. Fold the pipe cleaners into shapes or a name for a customized item to hang on the wall.
  37. Have fun with science by creating a Mentos Geyser using a pack of Mentos candy and a bottle of diet soda. This experiment should be conducted in the backyard.
  38. Or you can teach your kids more about physics by making Alka-Seltzer Rockets.
  39. Create Crystal Rock Candy and learn more about Chemistry while having fun.  
  40. Take a walk through an orchard at a local park and teach kids more about different fruits, trees, and plant life.
  41. Take family photos in the mountains, near the lake, or at the beach. Find any beautiful local landmark and have a fun photo session.
  42. Go for a shopping spree at your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Store and let each kid buy gifts for each other
  43. Take up a new hobby such needlepoint, embroidery, weaving or crocheting.
  44. Volunteer at a local nursing home, senior center, homeless shelter or animal shelter.
  45. Have your kids go through their old toys and donate some to a local charity.
  46. Create an indoor fort or tent using blankets, pillows and cushions.
  47. Make your own play-dough.
  48. Make your own Bath Bombs.
  49. Make homemade pasta for dinner.   
  50. Put together a coupon book to help cut costs on groceries and everyday items. Let the kids cut out coupons from the Sunday paper and sort them.
  51. Buy a set of cookie cutters and make sugar cookies that you can decorate with icing and sprinkles.
  52. Make your own bird feeder or bird house.
  53. Make friendship bracelets with colorful beads.
  54. Make geometry fun by creating a craft stick dodecahedron or other platonic shapes. All you need is a hot glue gun, glue sticks, and plenty of craft sticks (aka popsicle sticks).
  55. Go on a backyard bug hunt and let your kids discover more about the creepy crawlies around them.
  56. Have an indoor scavenger hunt by hiding various items throughout the home and leaving clues for your kids to use to find them.
  57. Make milkshakes or smoothies in the blender.
  58. Gather ingredients to make ice cream sundaes or a banana split.
  59. Make your own terrarium.

60, Do online research on your child’s favorite animal, help them put together a scrapbook about it.

61, Get everyone in the family to draw a self-portrait or draw a portrait of each other.

  1. Set up a puppet theater and let kids create their own hand puppets using paper bags or construction paper
  2. Have a paper airplane race.
  3. Make a story telling jar. Fill a jar with prompts and let each person select one. Everyone has to come up with a story to their prompt.
  4. Play the classic game of charades.
  5. Introduce your kids to the many playground games such as hide-and-seek, freeze tag, Simon Says, Red Light, Green Light, and more.
  6. Play a card game.
  7. Attempt to build a house of cards.
  8. Plan a tour of a local public facility such as a fire station, recycling center, or post office.
  9. Pick berries or vegetables at a local farm.
  10. Create quiet time boxes that are filled with art supplies, small toys, and other things to keep kids entertained while you take care of other tasks around the home.
  11. Get some easy jigsaw puzzles for the little ones or a big complex puzzle that you and your older kids can work on together.
  12. Have a friendly game of dodgeball outside. You can use inflatable beach balls if you have smaller children playing that won’t hit as hard.
  13. Have a Silly String fight.
  14. Host a backyard Olympics competition and invite your kid’s friends over for competitive play.
  15. Create a mini golf course in your own backyard
  16. Go to the thrift store and look for discounted toys or craft items that you can use for your DIY projects.
  17. Take the kids grocery shopping with you (if they don’t normally go along) and let them help pick out healthy food items.
  18. Rent or borrow a metal detector and take it to the beach or lakeside or in your own backyard to find hidden treasures.
  19. Volunteer to pick up trash along the road in your neighborhood and take all recyclables to your recycling center to cash in.
  20. Have a sack race in the backyard using pillowcases.
  21. Have kids put on a fashion show using old clothes and costumes.
  22. Decorate blank coffee cups using paint, glitter, stickers and other colorful items.
  23. Make a decorative wreath to hang on the front door.
  24. Build a small campfire and make smores.
  25. Buy a small plastic swimming pool and fill with plastic balls to create a ball pit.
  26. Melt crayons to create splatter rainbow art using a hairdryer.
  27. Create your own Mad Libs or print out templates online.
  28. Play classic games such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, or Dots and Boxes.
  29. Print out Word Search or Crossword Puzzles. You can even Make Your Own.
  30. Make a Soda Bottle Tornado.
  31. Make dried citrus ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree this holiday season. It will give your home an amazing fragrance that will bring the warmth of summer into your home at Christmas.
  32. Build your kids their own cardboard TV using a large cardboard box. Cut out a large hole in front and draw buttons on the side. Your child can sit inside and put on a show for the audience. You can even let them help decorate.
  33. Draw a hopscotch board outside in the driveway using sidewalk chalk. Or you can also put together one for indoor use when it is raining outside.
  34. Make beach-themed candle holders. Use small fish bowl shaped candle holders, add river rocks, and sand, then place a tealight candle on top.
  35. Have a summer family field day with drinks and other refreshments ready for competitors in between competitions. You can play water laser tag, slip and slide races, a three-legged race, tug of war and many other competitive games.
  36. Assign a chore to each member of the family and race to see who can successfully complete their job the fastest. The winner gets a prize.
  37. For toddlers, start a marching band using pots and pans or toy musical instruments.
  38. Enjoy a nature walk and look for different bird species, insects, different flower species and other wildlife or plants that are native to your area.
  39. Introduce preschoolers to fun games such as musical chairs, duck, duck, goose, tag, or hide and seek.
  40. Grab a small tent and go camping in the backyard complete with a campfire dinner and S’mores for dessert.


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There are many free and affordable options on this list that you can enjoy with your family during the summer or on a rainy day. It doesn’t take much to put together a fun craft project or a trip to the local park where everyone can learn something new.

The best part about these home and family DIY projects is that you get to make memories that will last you and your children and lifetime. So, give these a try and when you finish them up, look for more Family DIY options online. There are endless possibilities for simple family fun just waiting to be explored.



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