DIY Zombie Costume for 2019: Our Top 10 Tutorials

DIY Zombie Costume for 2019: Our Top 10 Tutorials

Zombies aren’t just for Halloween anymore. As they make their way into all areas of pop culture, you may find yourself needing to try a DIY zombie costume for a zombie walk for charity, a zombie pub crawl, or even a zombie pool party. No matter what the event, you can handle the zombie transformation with a few unique materials and these ten tutorials.

Top 10 DIY Zombie Costumes

1. DIY Easy Halloween Zombie Costume

It is possible to be a zombie and still look fabulous. Use the steps of this tutorial and some everyday makeup staples to prime your face in just a few minutes. Then, add some zombie wounds using liquid latex and toilet paper, and top everything off with some homemade fake blood. Throw on a blood-stained T-shirt and in less than an hour, with easy to obtain materials, you’ll be looking both sexy and terrifying.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 hour
Materials You Need:

2. DIY “Walking Dead” Zombie Make-up

Who could be better to teach you how to do a DIY zombie costume than an actual Walking Dead makeup artist? This tutorial shows you how to create professional-grade zombie wounds and paint them in realistic tones. This is definitely an expert level craft, even though the materials are relatively simple. Plan to do this with a partner and leave plenty of time for each step to dry before moving on to the next.

Level of difficulty: Very Difficult
Duration: 4+ hours
Materials You Need:

3. DIY Rotten Zombie Skin

Zombies are hungry for brains, but you might not have those laying around the house. You probably do have some cereal, though, and you can use that to make a rotten zombie skin. Layer in materials, including the cereal, to liquid latex on your skin anywhere you want a bumpy, diseased appearance. The technique itself is easy, as imperfections are part of the look. You may get your hair or clothes stuck in the large amounts of latex being used, so leave enough time to work carefully.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 hour
Materials You Need:

4. DIY Easy Zombie Halloween Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through a zombie makeover that can be made with hardly any materials. The only tricky technique may be creating tissue paper wounds, especially if you’re already used to using eyeshadow to create spooky effects on your face. Anyone can go from fresh-faced to un-dead in less than an hour, even if you’ve never tried any of the methods in this video. The white contacts are optional, but they take the look to the next level, so plan ahead for shipping time if possible.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 hour
Materials You Need:

5. DIY Zombie Hand with Exposed Bones

Scary zombie costumes aren’t just for faces; this tutorial shows you how to make a hand wound that simulates exposed bones going from your wrist to your fingers. Because this technique works with spirit gum, latex, and a variety of makeups, it might take a little longer to complete. Do a trial run the day before your event so you can test how long each step will take to dry.

Level of difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 2 hours
Materials You Need:

6. DIY “Walking Dead” Wound Makeup

This method for creating a DIY zombie costume is the foundation for many other zombie looks. Using just liquid latex and tissue paper, you can create the appearance of ripped or torn flesh. Then, adding color from regular makeup or costume palettes completes the terrifying transformation. Follow the steps from this video to master the basic zombie wound.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 hour
Materials You Need:

  • Toilet paper
  • Sponge
  • Liquid latex
  • Dark makeup palette
  • Fake blood
  • White contacts

7. DIY Easy Zombie Makeup

For a more elaborate set of zombie wounds, this tutorial mimics the process used in many real zombie movies. The method of making a full face of flexible zombie skin takes a long time to position and dry, and it works best with two people. Once you’ve created a terrifying layer of bumpy zombie skin, just paint some decay or blood into the wounds for realism, and of course, do not forget the ripped clothes!

Level of difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 2 hours
Materials You Need:

  • Gelatin
  • Corn syrup
  • Gel food coloring
  • Dark makeup palette
  • Makeup brushes
  • Paint

8. DIY Zombie Skin Tutorial

If you can’t use liquid latex and don’t like the feeling of wax or gelatin, this tutorial walks you through steps to make a DIY zombie costume using only white glue and toilet paper. It doesn’t require many materials, but the glue takes a long time to dry, so leave plenty of time before starting the shaping and makeup steps.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3 hours
Materials You Need:

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9. DIY Kid Zombie Costume

These days, even kids can get in on the zombie craze. This tutorial is great for kids because it walks you through creating a liquid latex alternative from scratch. If your kid has a latex allergy, this allows you to create realistic-looking wounds for a fun costume experience still. The wax cools quickly, so work quickly and warn your child that they’ll feel warm as the wax touches their face.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 hour
Materials You Need:

10. DIY Zombie Bite Makeup

New zombies are created when another zombie bites them, so this tutorial shows you how to craft a DIY zombie costume with a bite. The scar wax is a little hard to use at first, but it holds any shape (including a bite!) and is easy to remove. When you’re ready to reverse the transformation, gently scrape it off and wipe down with soap and water.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 hour
Materials You Need:

Adding Clothes to Your DIY Zombie Costume

Now that you’ve perfect the makeup for your zombie costume, you need to create the perfect outfit. Here are some tips and tricks to do so.

Zombie Outfit Choices

There are so many different zombie characters that you can choose from, and this will help you start off your outfit. These include:

  • Zombie cheerleader
  • Zombie hippie
  • Zombie prom queen
  • 80s zombie
  • Nerdy zombie
  • Sexy zombie
  • Zombie nurse
  • Zombie redneck
  • Zombie bride
  • Zombie doctor

You can be a zombie version of literally anything — a profession, your favorite celebrity, etc. All you need is the zombie makeup and the right props, and voila! You have the perfect zombie costume. Of course, you can just dress like a normal zombie. Just wear your normal clothes, and do the zombie makeup.

Perfecting Your Clothes to Look Like a Zombie’s

Even if you’re wearing normal clothes, you still need to make them tattered, to create  the zombie effect.

You really just need to cut up the clothes. Do this randomly, to make it look realistic. Cut in different spots and make the holes various sizes.

Make fine cuts on the edges of the clothes, too. This creates even  more of a zombie-like effect.

Add Gore to your Outfit

Your zombie look won’t look complete without adding some gore to your outfit — you’ll just look like you ripped up your clothes.

One way to do this is to create a dirt effect on your clothing. You’ll want to do this artificially, obviously. One technique is to use black tea. You can either soak your clothes in it, or use a spray bottle to create spots on the clothing.

Another method is blood. Again, you obviously want this to be artificial. You want it to look dark and thick, so either use paint or something from a costume shop. You can use a paintbrush to get this on your clothing, but again, be random about it. You want it to look realistic. It’s a good idea to use it around wear you created the tears in your clothing, to help them look like wounds.

You can even use mold as your method of gore. To achieve this, you’re going to want to use a combo of brown, green, and yellow dyes and dilute them with water. You can use a spray bottle to get this on your clothing.

Our Final Thoughts on DIY Zombie Costumes

Becoming a zombie is fun and easy with these DIY zombie costume tutorials. You can go as realistic or as cheesy as you like, and most can be completed with cheap and easy to find materials in around an hour. Have you tried to become a zombie at home? Tell us about the horrifying results and which wound makeup techniques you tried.


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