3 Super Easy DIY Stress Ball Ideas That Will Help You De-Stress

3 Super Easy DIY Stress Ball Ideas That Will Help You De-Stress

With the speed at which modern life is going, stress is something we all experience at one point or another.

It may be due to you struggling to juggle parenting, work, and keeping your home organized or it may be due to life throwing you so many curve balls.

But whatever the cause of your stress, there’s one simple yet amazing tool you can use to help relieve that stress – stress ball.

With so many designs and colors around, anyone can find the perfect stress ball to call their companion.

But if you really want a stress ball that will be unique to you, why not make your own?

Yes, it is possible to make a functional stress ball you can call your own creation.

Sound interesting?


I’ll give you a few DIY stress ball ideas to get you started.

Don’t worry, these aren’t difficult at all.

After all, we are trying to relieve your stress, not compound it.

But before we get your creative juices flowing, what exactly is a stress ball? And do they really work?

What is a Stress Ball?

Stress balls are small soft balls usually made out of polyurethane foam rubber. They are easy to squeeze as they offer little resistance but quickly bounce back to their original position once the pressure is released. This helps work the muscles in the hand without straining them.

Although the most common type of stress ball is the soft mushy type, the stress ball started out as a hard, round ball that was rolled around in the hand.

Invented in China, it was and still is called the Baoding ball.

Baoding balls feature a hollow center with a bell that chimes when the ball is being rolled in the hand.


Are Stress Balls Efficient in Relieving Stress?


And that’s because of 2 factors.

The main cause of stress is too much thinking, especially about the situation aggravating you. Stress balls help you take your mind off the situation, therefore giving you relief.

The second reason stress balls are effective is that stress actually affects the muscles by causing them to be tense. Using a stress ball helps your muscles relax, thereby releasing the tension in your body.

So, if you are stressed, go ahead and get yourself a stress ball.

And if you want your own personalized stress ball born out of your creative mind and hands, then a DIY stress ball is the best for you.

Besides affording you the opportunity to have your own custom made stress ball, making the stress ball is a stress reliever in itself.

Let’s go ahead and look at some brilliant DIY stress ball ideas that will keep those thoughts and knots at bay.

Disclaimer: a stress ball is a great tool to help you deal with stress, but you still need to get professional help concerning the cause of your stress.

When Stress Hits, Fight Back – With a Stress Ball  

Let’s face it.

Stress is a part of life.

And when it hits, it has the power to cause you to lose your edge.

One of the best ways to overcome stress is through physical exercise. But what do you do if you don’t have the time and space for your favorite exercise routine?

You take out your trusted stress ball.

And if you’ve lost it, don’t worry. You can easily make your own in less than five minutes.

Ready to combat your stress?

Let’s get started with our DIY stress ball ideas and get you back on track.

DIY Stress Ball #1 - Balloon and Grain Squishy Ball

Making a stress ball at home is not only easy, it’s also super cheap and fun too.

All you need are 3 balloons, rice, beans, any grain of your choice, or even flour. You’ll also need a pair of scissors and a funnel.


  • Get one balloon, stretch it out (blow it up a bit), and stick a funnel in it.
  • Slowly fill the balloon with your filling of choice.
  • Once the balloon has enough filling (the size of a normal stress ball or just enough for you to comfortably hold in your hand), remove the funnel and let out as much air as you can from the balloon. If your filling of choice is flour, be careful to be extra careful so as not to blow flour everywhere.
  • Tie the neck of the balloon, making sure it’s tightly closed.
  • Using the pair of scissors cut off the excess rubber.
  • Take the second balloon, cut off the end, and put your first balloon with filling inside it.
  • Do the same with your third balloon.

And there you have it, your very own DIY stress ball.

If you are wondering about the other two layers of balloons, they are for reinforcement and also provide a nice soft barrier.

DIY Stress Ball #2 – Play-Doh Stress Ball

Play Doh Stress Ball

If you have ever played with play-doh, you’ve probably experienced moments where you get carried away just playing with it in your hands.

That’s because play-doh makes a very good stress ball.

If you have kids, let them help you as they will definitely find this interesting (and you get another opportunity to bond).

Let’s make one, shall we?

First off, you’ll need some play-doh, a 12-inch latex balloon, and a marker.


Much like our first stress ball, you will have to fill the balloon with your filling, which, in our case, is the play-doh.

How exactly do we do this?


  • Take a tub of play-doh and roll it out into a thin line.
  • Stretch the opening of your balloon as wide as you possibly can and stuff the play dough inside.
  • Once all the play-doh is inside the balloon, press the balloon down to make it flat.
  • Ensure that all the air is out and tie the balloon off with a knot.
  • Using your marker, add a face of your liking to your DIY stress ball.

This is one simple DIY stress ball that will help reduce your stress levels, not just by using it, but by making it as well.

Especially if you make it with your kids, the squeals of laughter and fun you will have working on this project will certainly lift the weight off your shoulder.

And whenever you take this stress ball out, the memories of making it will also certainly be therapeutic.

DIY Stress Ball #3 – Orbeez Stress Ball

Orbeez Stress Ball

If you want a colorful stress ball that feels as good to the hand as it looks to the eye, then you should give an Orbeez DIY stress ball project a try.

If you are wondering what Orbeez are, they are a toy made out of super absorbent polymers.

Orbeez start off as hard little grains, smaller than rice, but when soaked in water for some time, they grow into a small ball, slightly bigger than a pea.

Back to our DIY stress ball.

For this project, you will need Orbeez, a large bowl, a funnel, and an empty plastic bottle, water, and a clear balloon.


  • Place a good amount of Orbeez water beads into your large bowl.
  • Fill the bowl with water and let it sit overnight. The Orbeez will soak in the water and expand, rewarding you with a selection of bright squishy water beads.
  • Take the funnel and use it to fill the empty plastic bottle with the Orbeez.
  • Create space in the balloon for the water beads by blowing up the balloon and twist the opening to prevent the air from coming out.
  • Stretch the balloon’s mouth over the top of the plastic bottle.
  • Release the neck of the balloon so that it untwists and then turn the bottle upside-down so as to pour the water beads into the balloon.
  • Remove the bottle from the balloon and let all the air out of the balloon.
  • Once you’ve removed all the air from the balloon, tie a knot in the neck as close to the collection of water beads as possible.

There you have it.

A colorful DIY stress ball that will not only help relieve your stress but makes a lovely decoration for your desk as well.

DIY Stress Ball Ideas – Get Creative, Get Relief


One great thing about DIY stress balls is that you can make them out of almost anything soft and squishy.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to making these nifty little balls that can help you stay on top of your game despite the challenges of the day.

So go ahead, let your creative juices flow.

That is one way in which you can help yourself de-stress.

And once you are done with the project, you have a great tool at hand to see you through the most challenging of situations.



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