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7 DIY Phone Case Ideas

Having a cool, personalized phone case is truly one of modern life’s greatest simple pleasures. However, mixing it up every once in a while by changing cases can get to be quite expensive. That is why more fashionistas than ever are turning into budding artists and creating their own DIY phone cases. With a little ingenuity and a boatload of creativity, you can fashion your own smartphone wardrobe with a different case for each day of the week, or for whenever the mood strikes you to switch it up. Here are 7 inspiring DIY phone case ideas:

1. DIY Duct Tape Phone Case

This is a simple, yet attention grabbing DIY phone case. The tutorial shows a dark blue, light blue, and a greenish hue. Cut about 3 inches of slack of each color and lay them on the edge of the table you are working on. Lengthwise, cut each colored section into strips of different widths. Place your first strip of tape on the back on the case, approximately half an inch from the top. Then, using your paint or polish, fill in the top section. Lay the remaining strips horizontally on the case, leaving white spaces to be painted silver. Allow time to dry and then snip off any extra material. Then spray the entire case when the clear gloss paint for a shiny finish.

You will need:

2. DIY Ombre Fade Phone Case

This takes about an hour with dry times and the application of several coats of polish or paint. Nail polish works best in this case, as seen on the tutorial, but paint can work just as well as long as you lock in the color with a clear glossy paint or mod podge (which dries clear). Pour a dime-sized amount of each color onto your newspaper and dab each with the cosmetic sponge. Now lightly sponge each shade, light to dark, onto the phone cover. Allow each shade to “bleed” into the next for a continuous effect. Allow your DIY phone case to dry and add a second coat of each color.

What makes this option so great is the fact that there are so many different color options available for you to choose from. If you plan on using multiple colors, then one of the best places to stop by is the dollar store. At the dollar store, you can get your hands on a variety of color options so that your creative construction is truly unlimited!

You will need:

3. DIY Paint Splatters Phone Case

This was inspired by that bastion of style herself, Carrie Bradshaw. Spray paint your case a solid black and layer it with at least one additional coat. Allow it to dry for about 2 hours, then take your nail polish and splash several colors across the back of the case without abandon. For this DIY phone case, you can also substitute the paint by dipping the back end of a paint brush in each color and similarly splashing away. Then, once dry, seal in the design with pylox lacquer to prevent smudging.

If you are going to try this technique, make sure that you use a placemat, tarp or you do it outdoors. If you don’t, then you run the risk of damaging your tabletops, flooring, and any other objects that may come in the way of the paint splatter.

You will need:

4. DIY Magazine Cutouts or Picture Collage Phone Case

For this photo DIY phone case, look for magazine photos and words that are small enough to fit on your case. You can cut your photos in even squares or rectangles, or in funky shapes like hearts or stars. Lay each picture on your phone cover to account for size. Cover the entire outside of the case with mod podge, and carefully press the photos onto the case. Place your glitter in the areas that are not covered by pictures. When you are done, cover the entire case in up to three layers of mod podge, which dries clear and seals in your design.

With this method, you are truly able to customize your phone case design so that it reflects you the way you want it to. This is one of the best methods to use as your creativity is virtually limitless.

You will need:

5. Handmade Marble Pattern Phone Case

This DIY phone case is so easy and fun! You can even add some that glow in the dark or under a blacklight for an extra bonus. Simply fill your bowl halfway with water. Then pour a few drops of several different nail colors into the bowl. You should layer the drops so you can make funky patterns. For example, try a large purple dot, with a medium red dot in the middle, and a tiny green dot on top of that. Swirl the colors together and then dip the case in the water over the polish. The cool pattern will instantly bond to the cover. Allow time for it to dry and then clear any extra polish from the camera hole and the holes for the buttons on the side.

This is one of the most popular methods to use right now. If you are going to do this method, just be sure that you do not go overboard with the colors. It is very easy to get carried away and this can create a design that can get a little messy. Generally speaking, more is less with this method.

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6. DIY Little Ladybugs Phone Case

You can get this unique DIY phone case with a little artistic inspiration and a bit of elbow grease. Simply draw small ovals with your red marker that are clustered in one corner of your phone that gradually spread out thinner and thinner until they cover the case. This looks like the ladybugs are actually crawling out of your phone! Color your ovals with two coats of red and draw a black line halfway through each. When this dries, draw assymetric black spots  on each prospective bug, as well as a pair of black antennae. Coat the case with clear gloss spray to prevent smudging.

You will need:

7. DIY Funky Floral Phone Case

This ultra-feminine DIY phone case design only takes minutes to complete. Make sure the case is free from grease from fingerprints by gently cleansing it with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Now just place a dab of the glue on each flower and attach them in neat rows on the phone case. It’s that simple!

You will need:

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many cool tutorials and instructional blog posts with new spins on DIY phone case design. One is sure to appeal to you. If you want to explore even more crafts, check out these DIY paracord ideas.

Do you have any interesting DIY case designs that you have tried on your own? Be sure to share them in the comments!

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