5 Excellent DIY Canvas Art Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

5 Excellent DIY Canvas Art Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

Looking to add color and life to your home?

Perhaps you have a wall that looks dull and lacks that pizzaz that reflects your personality.

If that’s the case, one of your best options is canvas.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to get an expensive Picasso, you can make great art for yourself – art that will reflect who you are, art that is unique to you alone.

Now, that definitely beats having a Picasso, well, sentimentally at least.

That’s why you’ll be glad to be here today as I’ll be sharing some amazing DIY canvas art ideas you can easily and cheaply create at home.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas – Why Canvas?

Canvas has been a medium for artworks for centuries now and has been featured in many renowned galleries world over.

canvass and scissors

Canvas art is now the latest craze in interior design, and that for very good reasons to. Besides its versatility and durability, canvas gives your art a more professional and attractive look.

And the best part it is that it is such an easy medium to work with – yes, even for a novice like you.

5 Amazing DIY Canvas Art Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

Nothing is as easy as giving your home a fresh look that gives it total transformation as sticking a few awesome pictures on the wall.

While professional paintings may cost you an arm and a leg, there is another avenue you can take to get your home looking as great.

All you need is some canvas and a great imagination.

And if your imagination needs inspiration, here are a few DIY canvas art ideas to get you started.

DIY Canvas Art Idea #1 – Drip Painting

Whoever said art has to be difficult didn’t know what they were talking about. Art has to be fun. And that’s why drip painting is an excellent DIY canvas art idea. Not only is it fun, but it gives you wall art that can be found nowhere else in the world.

multi colored painting

All you need for this DIY canvas art project is your canvas and paint of your choice.

To create your masterpiece, simply allow the different colors of paint drip down on your canvas. The lines and the mixing of paint will create a spectacular painting that you will be happy to frame and put up on your wall.

To give your painting a shiny finish, you can apply a clear acrylic resin varnish such as Golden MSA varnish.

DIY Canvas Art Idea #2 – Concentric Circles

Another simple DIY canvas art idea that will certainly add to your rooms bright and cheery atmosphere is simply painting concentric circles in squares on your piece of canvas.

  • Canvas
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Clear craft glue
  • Assorted acrylic paint. No need to get the expensive, fancy stuff, anything will still look good on your canvas.

So how do you create your masterpiece with these few simple supplies?

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is to draw a grid of squares on your canvas using your pencil and ruler. The size and number will depend on your personal preference.
  • Next, get your acrylic paint and start painting circles within circles in your grid. Make sure to use different colors. The circles don’t even have to be perfect. All you need is something round to give you a concentric pattern.
  • Once you are done with your circles, make sure to fill in the background square.
  • You can paint the sides of your canvas too if you are not going to frame it but mount it on a frame.
  • Finally, give your painting a clear top coat for that nice shiny finish and you are done.

This is one easy DIY canvas art project that you can even do with your kids.

circles within circles

If you are to do it alone, it won’t take you much time to complete.

But if you are to do it with the kids, block out an afternoon of creative fun and allow them to make their own paintings.

After all, it doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, the imperfections will actually add to its allure.

DIY Canvas Art Idea #3 – Simple Stripes

diagonal  stripes

If you are looking for a DIY canvas art project for a modern home décor style, nothing beats stripes.

Though simple looking, stripes have a very powerful effect on your home décor.

Despite its elegant and sophisticated look, striped canvas art is really simple to make.

  • Canvas
  • Painters tape
  • Spray tape
  • Stencil of choice (optional)
  • Craft paint
  • Foam brush

Ready to get crafty? Let’s get to it.

  • Adhere the painter’s tape to your canvas in the width of stripes you want. You can estimate or use a ruler to measure the stripes to be as even as possible. Ensure that the tape goes around the sides so that your stripes do too.
  • Spray paint your canvas. Don’t rush it – easy, even strokes will give you the best results.
  • Let the paint dry completely.
  • Apply your stencil (a flower perhaps), making sure it lies as flat and against the canvas as possible.
  • You can then use a foam brush to apply the paint.  Apply several light coats instead of one thick one. This will reduce the chances of the paint seeping under the stencil.
  • Allow your painting to dry completely.

If you don’t want an image, plain stripes can make a great painting too.

DIY Canvas Art Idea #4 – Pinwheel Painting

For a trendy DIY canvas painting that will definitely be a conversation piece, a bright pinwheel painting will definitely do the job.

windmill painting
  • Supplies
  • Canvas
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brush

Ready to be a modern artist?

Great! Let’s paint your pinwheel.

  • To paint your pinwheel painting, outline each triangular section using your ruler and pencil.
  • Next, paint each section in a different color, making sure to make the colors random so as to give your pinwheel a natural look.
  • Allow the paint to dry and then apply a clear coat to give it that beautiful finish that will help catch the light well.

For a vibrant atmosphere, a brightly colored pinwheel will definitely give your home the vibe you are looking for. And the best part of it is that you can actually use leftover paint as each segment doesn’t take much paint.

DIY Canvas Art Idea #5 – Yarn Art

yarn art

If you have a ball of yarn lying around, don’t just think of it as a toy for your cat. It can also help you make a great canvas painting for your home.

  • Canvas
  • Yarn (you can also use string or embroidery floss)
  • White glue
  • Acrylic paints

Once you have all your supplies at hand, it’s time to get messy – creatively so.

  • First, water down a bit of white glue and whisk to combine.
  • Cut your yarn into pieces and dip it into the watered down glue.
  • Place your yarn onto the canvas. You can do this abstractly or arrange them in an organized manner. Don’t be afraid to use your hands, but if you don’t like the feel of the glue mixture, you can arrange your yarn using chopsticks or tweezers.
  • Allow the yarn to dry on the canvas.
  • Once the yarn has dried, you can either paint over the yarn using one color or paint in between the yarn with different colors.

You can create a collection of these paintings and hang them gallery style in your living room or hallway. This is one type of DIY canvas art that will give your house a funky look your friends will talk about for a long time.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas – Exquisite Art at Dirt Cheap Prices

With these DIY canvas ideas, you can decorate your house with great looking art pieces that will just cost you a couple of dollars.

Despite their cheaper than dirt prices, these art pieces will give your home a nice expensive look your friends and family will surely envy.

Besides giving your home a great look, canvas art is a great way to spend quality time with the family while inspiring the creative juices in your kids at the same time.

And remember, your DIY canvas art project doesn’t have to be perfect, but it certainly will be fun.

So get out those old canvases and give them a new lease on life.

If you don’t have any, you can purchase some brand new canvas boards for next to nothing.

It’s time to get creative and transform your home’s decor.


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