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7 DIY Body Wrap Ideas

Body wraps are all the rage right now, and with good reason. They offer a variety of benefits depending on the wrap ingredients. From reducing cellulite to hydrating to aiding in weight loss, there is a wrap out there for just about any skin issue you might be dealing with. Instead of paying spa prices that can cost over $100 or using an expensive subscription service, try one of these simple options you can make at home without hurting your budget. All you need is one of these recipes and some plastic wrap, and you are ready to make a spa-quality DIY body wrap.

1. DIY Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap

Cellulite can be the bane of even the fittest individual. Reducing the appearance of this lumpy skin is a big niche of the beauty market, with a ton of creams, wraps, and lotions claiming to help. Rather than spend a lot of money on products that may or may not help with cellulite, try this easy DIY body wrap to help you make an easy anti-cellulite treatment at home. With just a few ingredients, you can mix up this wrap and apply to your target areas. Then simply wrap up with some plastic wrap and, if desired, an ace bandage to hold it all in place and wait 40-60 minutes.

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 10 minutes prep/50-70 minutes total
• 1 cup Epsom salts
• 1 cup ginger root powder
• 1 cup bentonite clay

2. DIY Detoxifying Body Wrap

Detoxifying your body is the process of pulling toxins out of your skin. It can have a major impact on your wellbeing, and overs a bevy of benefits like improved skin texture, reduced pore size, enhanced relaxation, and potentially even weight loss. As with any treatment, a warm room and plenty of water are important to really reap the benefits of this detoxifying DIY body wrap. This full-body wrap is easy to apply using an old cotton sheet or the more typical plastic wrap. Check out the full tutorial here.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 10 minutes prep/30-70 minutes total
• 3 cups grated papaya
• 2 cups plain yogurt
• 2 cups all natural rice bran
• ½ cup coconut oil, softened
• 10 drops lavender essential oil
• 1 cup Epsom salts

3. DIY Hydrating Avocado Body Wrap

Moisture loss can be a big problem for skin, causing skin to look dull and even increasing the signs of aging. In dry climates or during colder weather, your skin may need some deep hydration. Prepare your skin with a DIY body scrub to exfoliate all dead skin cells. The DIY body wrap combines the moisturizing power of avocado to restore your skin’s natural moisture balance. When combined with the skin treating strength of Vitamin E and heavy cream, this wrap is sure to help hydrate and soften every time you use it. You can wrap with plastic wrap or just grab a towel. Check out this tutorial if you want softer, smoother skin in 30 minutes.

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 10 minutes prep/30 minutes total
• 1-2 ripe avocados, mashed
• 1 cup Devon Double Cream, whipped
• 2 tablespoons natural Vitamin E oil

4. DIY Coffee Body Wrap

This DIY body wrap is just about the easiest one you can do, and you probably have all these ingredients in your kitchen right now. With just two ingredients, this coffee body wrap can help you lose inches, define muscles, and improve the appearance of the areas you have the hardest time toning. This video tutorial shows you exactly how to make the coffee paste and what the plastic wrap should look like on, and it gives you a great example of the before and after effects of the wrap.

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5 minutes prep/65 minutes total
• ½ cup to 1 cup used coffee grounds
• 2-4 tablespoons olive oil

5. DIY Essential Oil Body Wrap

Many essential oils offer healthy skin benefits when added to your DIY body wrap recipes. This tutorial walks you through a straightforward essential oil body wrap using grapefruit to promote weight loss, smooth skin, aid with metabolism, and remove toxins. Once applied and wrapped snugly with plastic wrap, the all-natural essential oils go to work improving the appearance of your skin. You can even customize this wrap by adding your own favorite skin healthy essential oil. Just leave the DIY body wrap on for 45 minutes or even overnight and experience the benefits.

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5 minutes prep/50 minutes (or longer if desired) total
• ½ bottle metabolic blend essential oil
• ½ bottle grapefruit essential oil

6. DIY Shea Butter Body Wrap

Shea butter has long been known for its amazing hydrating and healing properties. Using it in this powerful body cream turned body wrap lets you experience all the benefits of several wraps in one. Shea butter hydrates and tones skin, almond oil reduces signs of aging, and essential oils combine to firm, smooth, hydrate, and remove inches. The best part, once you use this DIY body wrap, you can save the remainder of your mixture to use as a daily deep moisturizer and skin tightener to let you extend the benefits. Check out the tutorial here.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 10 minutes prep/70 minutes (or longer if desired) total
• ⅔ cup shea butter
• ⅓ cup coconut oil
• 2-3 tablespoons almond oil
• 30 drops grapefruit essential oil
• 3 drops cinnamon essential oil
• 15 drops lemon essential oil
• 10 drops ginger essential oil
• 5 drops clove essential oil
• 15 drops rosemary essential oil
• 15 drops geranium essential oil

7. DIY Immunity Boosting Body Wrap

Your immune system is essential for keeping you well and helping your body fight off illness and disease. If you are feeling a little under the weather or during cold and flu season, your immune system could use a little boost. This body wrap is easy to do at home and can help improve immune function. It uses peppermint essential oil, which is known for helping with everything from headaches to respiratory and sinus issues to upset stomachs. Check out the full tutorial and enjoy an immune boosting body wrap with added aromatherapy benefits.

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5 minutes prep/65 minutes (or longer if desired) total
• 3 tablespoons coconut oil
• 2 teaspoons peppermint essential oil


With these great DIY body wrap recipes, you can save money and see a wide range of benefits. Just pick the body wrap that meets your needs or try all of them. With a roll of plastic wrap, you are well on your way to improving your skin and enjoying a little pampering. Feel free to share your own DIY wrap suggestions and let us know how your home wrap worked for you.


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