Ten Rocking DIY Bike Rack Ideas For The Adventurer

Ten Rocking DIY Bike Rack Ideas For The Adventurer

In need of a new bike rack to organize all of your family member’s bikes? Tired of having bicycles strewn about or piled up in the garage?

Buying a bike rack brand new and ready-made can be extremely costly, why not make your own? It is actually much easier and more fun than it may seem. We also love the idea of being able to make the design our own, which you can’t do if you purchase the item ready-made.

We are going to share our 10 favorite DIY bike rack ideas to give you some inspiration for making your own. There is something for everyone here – whether you have 10 bikes or one, no experience building - or you’re an expert. Even if you have never picked up a tool in your life, one of these DIY bike racks will be a perfect fit.

Our Top 10 Favorite DIY Bike Rack Ideas

Here are our 10 favorite DIY bike rack ideas that we have come across, in no particular order. We will be considering how difficult they are to build, how they look, and how many bikes they can hold.

1. DIY Bike Shelf

wall mounted bike rack

The first DIY bike rack option on our list is a fantastic, simple bike shelf.

We really love this design because it allows you to hang up the bike by its saddle, which means you can hang any type of bicycle up that you want. A lot of racks hang the bike by the toptube, which is not a feature that all bikes have (mountain bikes, cruisers, etc), so it is really nice to have an option that will hold anything for you.

This rack shelf also has accessory hooks for your bags, jackets and helmets as well. With this, you won’t have to worry about losing any of your gear, as it will all be in one place with your bicycle.

This shelf is also aesthetically pleasing, unlike other bike racks we have come across.

2. DIY Locked Bike Rack


Our next option on the list is the DIY locked bike rack. If you want some additional security for your bicycles, this may be a good idea for you.

This concept basically consists of purchasing the​ Ultra Space Saver Single for a wall in your house or garage, and using the hook to hang up your bikes. The shape and design of this product allows you to use a U lock to secure the bike safely. Bikes are not a cheap item, and do tend to be taken by home intruders or from your yard.

The only real con for this idea - purchasing the hooks for each separate bike can be pretty expensive at $78.00 a piece. This idea may be better if you only have one bike to hang up.

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3. DIY Kid’s Bike Rack with Helmet Storage


This bike rack is perfect if you have multiple children’s bikes and helmets to organize. It is a wooden design, so you can also paint it fun colors and even number the slots if you want as well.

Children’s bikes tend to pile up and make a huge mess, even if you only have a couple of kids. This design has slots that will organize the bikes easily, and hooks to hang up any gear they are using as well.

This is definitely a beginner level design as well, even if you are not experienced with woodworking you should have no problem completing this project.

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4. DIY Pulley System Bike Rack

pully bike rack

This DIY pulley system bike rack is one of our absolute favorites.

If you are concerned about the floor space in your home or garage, this bike rack makes it really easy to conserve. You create an entire pulley system to hoist the bikes up to the ceiling to hang until you need them again.

This is definitely an intermediate level project, as it does involve some planning an in-depth mechanics.

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5. DIY Crib Rail Bike Rack


If you want to save some extra money while creating your own bike rack, this option allows you to recycle an old crib rail to make it. For those of you with baby furniture you do not use anymore, this is the perfect DIY bike rack.

This is another option that is perfect for beginners, as it does not take a whole lot of planning or woodworking to create it.

We really like this design because it is so easy to customize and make your own. We definitely recommend painting it a bright color, so it stands out.


6. DIY Pallet Bike Rack


Another recycled, simple option for making your own bike rack is this DIY pallet bike rack.

Pallets are cheap, accessible, and incredibly easy to build with. If you don’t have any at home, ask your local businesses if they have any they would be willing to spare – most of them will more than likely just throw them out otherwise.

This is also probably the easiest option on our list as well. It requires very little work, and is perfect for everyone who really doesn’t want to get their hands dirty or use any power tools.

7. DIY Vintage Pipe Bike Rack


If you want a more vintage look for your bikes, and you only have a few to hang up, this DIY vintage pipe bike rack is perfect.

You can purchase the pipes here, and install them yourself in your garage or your home on the wall. They come in bright colors to brighten up the area as well. If you do want something easier, you can always recycle pipes that you come across and paint them to look decent too.

For beginners and those who don’t want to build anything intricate, this is another really great choice.

8. DIY Hook Bike Rack


If you like the look of hanging bikes in your garage, and you have up to six of them, try out this DIY hook bike rack.

Purchasing one of these ready-made can be extremely expensive, depending on who you purchase them from. It is much more practical to simply make it yourself.

This particular guide will only take you about an hour to complete, and it is strong enough to hold six bikes for years to come. It is definitely better for adult bikes, as children will have a difficult time getting their bicycles down safely.

You can find many guides to doing this online, depending on what you are looking for. This is another design that is limitless in options for how you can design it in your home or garage.

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9. DIY Post Bike Rack

post bike rack

This is a very unique way to store bicycles in your home or garage, and it provides a great aesthetic while being functional.

You will need a few items to get started, like this post from IKEA, but overall this is a very inexpensive project to take on.

It is also important to note that it is somewhat of a workout to get the bikes down, once they are hanging on the pole. This is definitely a great decoration, but it does lack some of the convenience of other DIY bike racks.

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10. DIY Fold Out Bike Rack

folded bike rack

This design is easy to either purchase or make on your own. It is a simple wooden square that is mounted to your wall and has a shelf that folds down for your bike to hang on.

It is a really nice, minimalist look, and can be any color or pattern you desire. We really like this option for those of you who want to hang up your bicycle in your house, and only have one or two to store.

Here is one you can purchase that we really like from Mikili. 

If you need plans for one, the above link has the measurements that you need to make it your own. You can choose the type of wood you like best as well as the color that matches your home.

Let’s Get Building!

We hope that this list was helpful in your decision to make your own bike rack from scratch. There are so many options to choose from, but if you keep your specific needs in mind it should be easy to choose.

Definitely remember to keep your price range, number of bikes, aesthetic, and skills in mind before choosing your perfect DIY bike rack. Some of them will of course be more suited to you than others.

Which design on our list are you most drawn to? What other ways have you made your own DIY bike rack?

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