DIY Aquarium Stand Ideas: A Fishy Stress Reliever

DIY Aquarium Stand Ideas: A Fishy Stress Reliever

An aquarium can be a beautiful addition to any home. Not only will it look pretty, but having an aquarium can also help to relieve stress and give you and your guests something to look at throughout the day. It makes a great conversation piece too.

However, you can’t have an aquarium without an aquarium stand. Well, you can, but it won’t be nearly as lovely or as eye-catching. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a gorgeous aquarium stand.

Instead, you can easily and cheaply make a DIY aquarium stand that will be just as good, if not better, than many of the store-bought models currently on the market.


First things first, you should know that commercial aquarium stands or even aquarium stands that you make following specific stand plans are not your only options.

Many objects can easily be turned into an aquarium stand, even if that wasn’t their original purpose. For example, a nice, sturdy table that is just a little larger than your aquarium can work great as an aquarium stand.

And, for a DIY aquarium stand, you can always build a simple, strong table. Just make sure you build it so that it can support the weight of your full aquarium along with any equipment. Many people actually prefer making their own tables to use as stands since they can reinforce the legs and make them extra strong to support their specific aquarium.


If you want to make your own DIY aquarium stand and have a general idea of what you want it to be like but need a little help getting the basics done, don’t worry. You can simply follow our proven steps to make a basic frame. Then, from there, you can customize and add the parts to your liking.

To make a frame that you can rely on, start with two 2 x 4 wooden beams. You should cut the beams based on the size of your aquarium, but do add a little extra room for further support. Hammer your beams together. If desired, you can use more beams of the same size as cross braces for the top of the frame.

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Once you have completed this step, add in vertical posts at each corner. If you’ve made cross braces, you should also add posts at the brace location. Screw wood joints to each of your frame corners using a drill and 8 by 12 wood screws. Add a flat, strong bottom to the frame, and you are good to go.

Once you have a basic frame, you can add on or create your aquarium stand to be and look any way that you want. That frame, though, is where it all begins.


If you live in an apartment or some other small space, a bookshelf may be your best bet for storing your aquarium.

The reason that bookshelves work so well is that they’re designed to hold a lot of weight. You can put your aquarium on top of the shelf itself or on any shelf that you have tested to ensure it can stand up to the weight of the aquarium.


If you need to, you can always reinforce the shelf you plan to put your aquarium on. In any event, you will end up with an aquarium stand that can also store other things, so you don’t have to waste even an inch of space in your apartment or other small space.


One great way to make a DIY aquarium stand is to find an old, sturdy cabinet, one that has some drawers and/or shelves underneath.


You can paint the cabinet to look any way you want. Maybe you could even add in a fish motif to really help it match its new job description. However, the sky’s the limit. You can be as creative as you like when going from cabinet to aquarium stand.

What’s really nice about the cabinet idea, aside from the fact that you can paint it any way you want, is that you can use the drawers and doors underneath to store everything you need to keep your aquarium running. Fish food, chemicals, and everything else required for an aquarium will all fit neatly inside for a nice, streamlined look.


If you’re the type of person who likes to do things that are a little “outside the box,” then consider making it so that you don’t need a stand for your aquarium at all.

In fact, some people use their aquariums themselves as stands for their televisions or stereos. Some people even build their aquariums right into another part of their home


Obviously, these kinds of jobs are definitely on the more difficult side of DIY projects, but, if you’re willing to make a plan and carry it out, you can end up with some truly gorgeous and truly unique results.

The basic thing is to remember to think outside the box. While most people just take an aquarium and stick it on a stand, you are free to do that, but you’re also free to go outside the norm and create something incredible.


Some people actually really like and prefer the newer commercial stands, but they simply can’t afford them.

If you’re in that category, don’t worry. You can always buy and refurbish an older aquarium stand.

Aquarion stand

Old aquarium stands are actually quite easy to find since people often lose interest in the hobby after a while. Look at online classifieds and go browsing at yard sales and thrift stores. Eventually, you should be able to find a decent, old aquarium stand.

From there, you are free to fix it up how you like. Whether that means painting it, adding in storage space, or anything in between, you should end up with a great, refurbished aquarium stand. Remember, the sky’s the limit!


As you can see, you have lots of options for making a DIY aquarium stand. And, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, you can always just go out and buy one.

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However, with all of this talk, you may be wondering whether or not aquariums are really worth it. In our opinion, yes!

Even though keeping an aquarium up and running, building a stand, and all of this other stuff may be a lot of work, we think it’s well worth it, especially when you consider the many benefits to owning an aquarium.


One of the big reasons that having an aquarium is worthwhile is because it can actually reduce your stress levels.

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In fact, studies have shown that staring at an aquarium for just a few minutes each day can have a big impact on reducing stress. There is just something about staring at swimming fish and listening to the sound of the water that is super relaxing and enjoyable.

So, if you live a hectic life, and you’re looking for a healthy way to unwind at the end of each day, an aquarium may be just the thing.


While aquariums are great in the home, you will also commonly find them in the workplace as well. That’s because studies have shown that aquariums can actually increase productivity in a variety of ways.

As mentioned, they release stress. And, for some people, when their stress levels are lowered, they instantly become more productive.

They can also help some people to focus better. The soothing sound and presence of an aquarium really prove useful to some individuals.

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to having an aquarium around. So, it’s definitely worth building or buying a stand and the other general upkeep you have to put in. Plus, all of that stuff gets a lot easier as you get used to it!


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