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20 DIY Sleepover Ideas

Sleepover parties have always followed the same pattern. Girls wearing pajamas, pillow fighting, gossiping, and whatnot. But what if the pattern changes for a second? What if there are other cool sleepover ideas that anyone should try out?

The following sleepover ideas can turn any boring night into an unforgettable one. You won’t need to spend a fortune in order to come up with something spectacular; you just need the right supplies in order to piece something nice together. The girls and boys will definitely enjoy the next awesome sleepover ideas. But make sure not to limit some fun sleepover ideas to kids only. Teenagers and adults can also enjoy a sleepover party!

1. Cozy Fort

Both adults and kids can enjoy a sleepover party in a cozy fort. This is an old school sleepover idea and you can use any materials that you can think of: curtains that you can buy at thrift stores, pillows, stuffed animals, balloons, fairy lights or blankets. Spice things up with board games, toys, and books or even have some pizza if that is what you feel like doing.

2. Glitter Balloons

This is one of the cutest and easiest DIY sleepover ideas for girls! In order to create a magical atmosphere, dip some balloons in glitter. You can use all sorts of shiny things from sequins to chunky glitter and use mod podge to make them stick to the balloons. Sine they’ll be heavy on the bottom because of the glitter, use Command ceiling hooks to hang the balloons on the ceiling. This is an easy DIY project that doesn’t take too much time and you can ask for the girls’ help if you want to let them join the fun.

3. Glow in the Dark Mason Jars

This is one of the sleepover ideas that will help you take some incredible photos. All you need is a mason jar (or more if you plan on impressing your guests), a paintbrush, and glow in the dark paint. This is a fairly simple project, but keep in mind that if you go for big mason jars (which is recommended because they look simply amazing), it will take around 6 hours to paint them. Be careful with the paint because it is waterproof and once it gets on your clothes or furniture it can’t be removed. You can also replace glow in the dark paint with glow sticks if you want to save some time.

4. Karaoke

This is a low budget sleepover ideas that will charm everybody. You will need a big LCD screen and you can use YouTube lyric videos or YouTube karaoke songs. To make things more interesting you can buy some gifts for the winners and some consolation prizes for the sore losers.

5. Personalized Invitations

A sleepover party would be nothing without some personalized invitations. You can use old pillowcases to paint invitations or use colored paper to print the invitations using cool fonts.

6. Teen Guide for Sleepover Parties

There are plenty of games that teens can play at a sleepover party. “Would you rather” will never cease to be popular. You need a mason or a glass jar, some strips of paper, a paper cutter and a lot of imagination. Fill the notes with funny and creative challenges for a fun night.

7. SPA Pamper Party

If you want to spoil your daughter and her friends, you can turn a simple get-together into a girls’ SPA party. This is one of the sleepover ideas that can be kept minimal (with a DIY facial and pedicure) or maximized to its full potential (with body lotions, face masks, scented candles, and hot baths).

8. Emoji Bingo

Sleepovers can include a bingo night, too. The emoji bingo game is easy to follow and easy to print. It makes for a quick and easy sleepover idea with tons of fun.

9. Favorite Things

Sharing is caring so if you’re hosting a sleepover party, you can ask people to bring with them 5 or 6 of their favorite things and share them with the rest of the group. It would be a nice way of getting to know people better.

10. Toss’n Talk Ball

This is a fun activity for kids, especially when it comes to sleepover ideas. This kind of interactive game will help kids focus, have fun and develop different social skills. You need a ball and a sharpie to get this game started and have fun. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

11. Mocktail Recipes

A sleepover party for teenagers can revolve around the fact that the soon to be adults can still act like kids for a while. So why not create some nonalcoholic cocktails to make them feel both as kids and grownups at the same time? It’s very easy, fun and not expensive at all!

12. Cute Photo Booth for Kids

You can find different props without spending a lot of money. You can use wrapping paper, paper rolls, blankets etc. Kids love having their photo taken, so creating a photo booth is one of the best sleepover ideas.

13. O.G Pillow Fight

This is taking things to another level. Weapon shaped pillows to highlight a true pillow fight. This works best for teens and boys’ sleepovers. You can find these pillows online but they might cost you some money.

14. Spin the Bottle… with a Twist

You can turn a game for adults into a kid friendly one. Buy some nail polish sets that are affordable and create a board out of paper or carton and draw the typical pattern for the “spin the bottle” game.

15. Outdoor Movie Night

If you have a backyard you can turn a sleepover party into an outdoor movie night. You will need some popcorn, backyard lights, a movie projector or you can take your TV outside if you can still keep it plugged in while doing so.

16. Balloons Secret Activities

Keep your guests on the tip of their toes with these secret activities that hide in balloons. Each activity can be a dare or challenge, something fun or educational that will involve all the kids. Use a sharpie to write the time for each activity on the balloons.


17. Candy Apple Bar

The slighty healthier version of a candy bar, this is one of the sleepover ideas that will spark the interest of guests of any age. Simply slice an apple or two and stick the slices onto skewers. Use sprinkles, tiny marshmallows, chocolate chips or crushed nuts that will stick to the melted chocolate dip.


18. Crepe Paper Laser

You don’t need a lot of supplies for this sleepover idea. Hust grab the crepe paper in your favorite color and some double sided tape and create a pattern in your hallway, making sure there’s enough space between the “lasers” for kids to cross.

19. Toss the Ring

No sleepover party would be complete without glowsticks. This is a simple idea to keep kids and teenagers engaged. Stock up on glowsticks, and ask your guests to stand 5-6 feet away from the target. The goal is to toss the ring onto the pole. To make the game easier or harder, increase or decrease the distance and choose smaller or bigger rings.

20. Social Media Party

These emojis and icons will surely appeal to all teenagers, which is why they are the perfect setup for any sleepover party. Print the emojis on cardstock paper and create a “social media” corner that can double as a photo booth.

Having a sleepover is a chance of making other people happy while enjoying their company and finding out more interesting things about them. If you need even more DIY sleepover ideas, try making a handmade photo booth.


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